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Counters on the website

Counters on the website enable active tracking of the number of visits on the website. By default for each www account there is available an unlimited number of counters, thanks to what it is possible to place some counters on different subpages. To set up a counter, you should use the Account Management System (bookmark www counter).

The counters have the text form, that is firstly very quick (you do not have to wait until the graphics is downloaded) and a configurable font. You can turn them on pages *.php through the directive include();

Sample use:
You are <?php include("$REMOTE_ADDR"); ?> guest on this website!

Particular fields description: (*means that the field is required)

  • idl* - counter id, is displayed in the Account Management System

  • remote_addr - if you want to exclude reloading (e.g. constant website refreshing through the function Refresh of the browser), we have to provide the IP address of the person watching the website. Unfortunately, function include() does not transmit such information to the called script and the information should be sent as in the example above.